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2016 Visual Arts Faculty

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Chuck BooneChuck Boone
Born: Chicago, IL 1959. Professor of Art at the College of DuPage since 1990. Elder at Fox Valley Christian Church. Currently lives in Batavia, IL with his wife, Ruth Anne, his sons Jonathan and Philip, a garage full of motorcycles, and one really awesome Oldsmobile. The rest is just details.
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Tim BottsTim Botts
In first grade my art teacher, Mrs. Stanton first identified me as an artist and handpicked me for Saturday classes in her home. I began noticing letterforms in sixth grade when I found a Speedball lettering book in the process of doing a circus poster. When I went off to college to study art I discovered calligraphy through the child-like wonder of Arnold Bank.

As one who reveres the Holy Bible as God's words, calligraphy became a natural link between my art and spirituality. During my time at Carnegie I was also influenced by the contemporary visual expressions of faith in the works of Ben Shahn and Corita Kent. Additionally, my graphic design training gave me tools for clear and powerful communication.

Three years in Japan taught me the freedom of the brush and a broader understanding of space and asymmetry. In most of my work I am making word pictures - words expressed to look like what they mean. My work is characterized by variety, a reflection of my observation of nature. The frequent joy comes from my personal experience with the gospel of Jesus.

Imaginative appropriateness sums up what I have learned from my experience in publishing. I'm always trying to come up with fresh ideas which get right to the heart of the message.

I am currently working with Masterpiece Ministries whose purpose is to help young people identify and develop their artistic gifts in the context of Christian community.
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Rebecca ErsfeldRebecca Ersfeld is a woman after the heart of God... She has served God in art, design and entrepreneurship. God has blessed Rebecca with a deep appreciation of the creative nature God has put in all of us and she is committed to inspiring others to discover their gifts. For 20 years, she has enjoyed her own design business and shop in the Chicago area. Her business has been featured in multiple books and design magazines in the US and Europe. Rebecca travels the country for speaking and ministry and also holds workshops in her studio.
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Joey Kikke
It sounds like a cliche, but I have always been interested in art. I remember drawing on everything as a child. Later I spent hours constructing Barbie houses out of cardboard. Unfortunately, during the 1960's the public school I attended were focused only on math and science. Art was never an option. offered for classes or a career choice.

On February 12, 1972, I gave my heart and life to Yeshua at a Jesus People Concert. That night I was baptized with hundreds of others. (Those Jesus freaks didn't mess around!) One young man said he was an artist and wanted to be an artist for Jesus. My heart and spirit cried out “Me too!” That Christmas my parents gave me an oil painting set. I was hooked and it was alright with my Lord. After high school, I attended Chicago Bible College (now Christian Life College) for one year, got married and started a family. While my firstborn was a baby my mom gave me a gift of watercolor classes along with babysitting! Bea Giordano became my instructor for several years. Later, when that child was graduating from high school, I finished a degree at Christian Life. Then continued on at Northeastern Illinois University with a double major in studio art and secondary education.

My career has taken twists and turns over the years. While raising my three children as an at home mom, I had several cottage industries involving art. I learned the ropes of small business. As my circumstances changed after divorce, I worked in a school cafeteria, as a church secretary and secretary for an export agent. I worked as a temporary, a microfilm clerk, customer service and claims analyst all in the same trucking firm. While going to NEIU I worked at a film archive. After graduation, I taught art at Lane Tech College Prep in Chicago. In 2005 “Joey Kikke—Snippets of Life Studio” was created. Since then I have had the great pleasure of painting, teaching workshops and adult education classes. My primary style and subject matter has changed over these years. While at NEIU my work was abstract expressionism. I still enjoy abstract painting, but have also found great joy in realism. My favorite work as incorporated both genres, usually realistic snippets of life with some abstracted areas. I am a colorist, using bold color to create space, texture and unity in my work. In 2010 my work took a turn, when I was challenged to use acrylic paints. My training focused on watercolor, so my acrylic paintings are done in a watercolor manner, with many transparent layers of very thin acrylic. This new medium meant no more glass! I could paint on large canvases without the worry of framing under glass. Transformation! I am inspired by the Lord's creation, sunsets, trees, my grandchildren! It was an honor to receive five semester talent scholarships from NEIU and graduating magna cum laude in 2001.

Being an artist for Jesus has taken me to the Philippines and India as well as churches in the Midwest. My paintings hang in several churches and have been published on book covers. Yeshua has allowed me to be an artist for Him. The thrill of my life. AND the best is yet to come!
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Rosie MartindaleRosie Martindale enjoys creating art which explores introspective communication with God. She holds an M.A. from Governors State University, teaches and exhibits.

Rosie's deep appreciation for the world God made and its inhabitants has its roots in roaming the world with her evangelist parents, camping and hearing great preaching from babyhood. She creates art and writes stories to inspire and encourage fellow travelers to let Jesus Christ be the author of their life stories.
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Lynn Zuk-Lloyd is an artist, author and speaker who enjoys empowering others through confidence-building workshops and presentations that grow artists in both their skills and in their relationships with Jesus Christ. She paints at prophetic conferences, speaks at luncheons and events, has authored 10 books, and leads a group that is curating the “Healing Gallery” traveling art exhibit.
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