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Dance Faculty - 2016

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alyceRobin Fuhrman has been involved in Creative Arts Ministry for nearly 30 yrs. It began with her skill as an accomplished seamstress , creating garments and banners reflecting the Splendor, Majesty, and Holiness of God. In just a short time, she was a partner in a pioneering dance ministry in the Milwaukee area, discipling others to express their passion and intimacy with the Lord through movement. She has studied the techniques of Shachah Ministries International in the disciplines of tambourine, twirling flags, and streamers. Leading “Rejoice” at Grace Reformed Church in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Robin is discipling youth to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, offering their bodies as a living sacrifice through the Creative Arts.

Maura Hoagland has received extensive ballet and modern training in dance companies of Boston, MA and Louisville, KY. Maura was the founding Coordinator of the Christian Dance Fellowship of New England and Dance Immanuel, an interdenominational dance ministry. She and her husband Phillip are ordained ministers and founders of Adveniat Regnum Tuum Ministries in KY. Currently Maura teaches various forms of dance within the Kentuckian homeschooling community.



Ginny Ching-Yin Lo is the founder and artistic director of Identity: its mission is to Connect, Create & Affirm. She has trained with the Hong Kong Ballet and Madame Boitsov in Chicago, and has also danced in the Illinois Ballet Theater. She holds a B.A. in dance and an M.A. from Trinity International University in Communication and Culture. In addition to teaching dance for over 15 years, Lo served as the artistic director of Lombard Dance Center and faculty with Tongji University Dance Education in Shanghai. She has choreographed works in both the U.S. and China. As a missionary in China, she led a migrant performing troupe using performing arts to share the gospel and brought many converts. She has served as the Dance Department Chair of Karitos since 2015. Website: www.identityperformingarts.org www.ginnychingyinlo.com , Facebook Page: Identity. Email:ginny@identityperformingarts.org


Michael Plurad was born and raised in the uptown neighborhood of Chicago. He danced and performed his whole life; his collective style of House, Hip House, Hip Hop, Flexing, Breaking and Techno was street acquired and not taught in a studio, which he takes great pride in.

In 2010, Michael and his wife started and trademarked S.W.A.G. (Sweat With A Groove), a dance fitness format, that has allowed him to utilize his diverse street background. They have choreographed close to 200 fitness dance pieces which include several Christian hip-hop songs for their classes, while teaching and certifying instructions for the past 5 years at Lifetime Fitness, XSport and a variety of local fitness and dance studios.

He is a dedicated husband and the loving and active father of four children. He volunteers at church and enjoys leading an 8th grade boys small group at Willow Creek Community Church. He is also a real estate agent. He strongly believes that dance is a form of worship to be given to the One that created us to dance in the first place and blesses us with music that moves us. Michael encourages all to give thanks and start moving. It doesn't matter how... just get moving.


ratliffCory Ratliff is a worship leader and movement minister. Assistant Liaison and Creative Production Pastor at Sign of the Dove Church, Waukegan, IL. Cory studied music at the University of Illinois where he also took classes in modern and jazz dance. In 2004, he began teaching dance as a part of worship. He has traveled internationally, instructing worshipers to release more freedom through whole body expression unto the Lord. He is the founder of ALATS Dance Club, an outreach to children cultivating the dancer within, bringing unity and dance education to rebuild the community.


alyceAlyce Roeder danced with the Nashville Ballet for three seasons before joining the Milwaukee Ballet from 1991-2002. She was trained by her mother, Pat Gillispie, with Classical Ballet Memphis. She studied at the ballet schools of Houston Ballet, Boston Ballet, and Atlanta Ballet and received scholarships for the San Francisco Ballet School as well as the National Academy of the Arts. In the summer of 1995, she completed the advanced examination for the Royal Academy of Dance and was one of two dancers in the United States to be awarded the coveted Solo Seal of the Academy. Recently, Alyce has joined dancers from all over the world to dance at the Feast of Tabernacles in Israel with the International Christian Embassy. Alyce travels to regional conferences such as Zion Center for the Arts in North Carolina and Karitos Christian Arts Conference in Illinois, using her gift of dance to teach others to worship. She is Director of Steps of Grace Ballet School at Elmbrook Church and is married to Mark Roeder; they reside in Milwaukee with their three children.











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